AtariMuseum - Site News:   July 21, 2005


Greeting fellow Atari enthusiasts...

     This is just plain weird, yet another update?    I think this is more updates in one week, then I've done in the whole year so far.     Well, lets not complain, lets read up and enjoy...

     I Just added the CO61618 MMU chip to the 1450XLD section and I also updated the incorrect content on the 1450XLD page as well since now that everyone can more clearly understand what the Freddie chip is and now with the info on the mysterious 61618 chip we've all seen not just on the elusive 1400/1450XL systems, but inside of the 65/130XE system, the content needed to be corrected.

The Atari 1450XLD Computer System

   The 1400XL computer system page has been updated.    Broken links, missing pictures have been fixed.    Also added is the Production Specification for the 1400XL computer as well.

The Atari 1400XL Computer System

   Added to the Atari 1060 CP/M "Sweepea" page is the Product spec for the add-on box.    For those who've never previously visited the page before, you'll also find the boot and character set rom's as well.

The Atari 1060 CP/M Add-On Box.