AHS - Site News:   November 2, 2003


Archives section of the website is being brought back on-line at long last, over the next week or so, all of the various sections of the Documents and Files archives will be coming back on line.     New data has been added, a Magazine Archives of Atari Age, Atari Connection, Atari Club, Atari I/O, Atari Coin Connection and Atari ST. Pong are now online and accessible.

The Atari Video Library is partially back on-line as well.

The most requested item: the Atari Tech Docs library is being formatted and prepared to come back on-line in the next 2-3 days.   This has been the single most requested section to be asked to be put back online with its wealth of technical data and knowledge, this has been long since missed by many guests and visitors to the Atari Museum Site, it will come back online with many new documents.

Under the Other Atari's section is a new area of Atari being researched, developed and published:  Atari Educational Systems.     This is a rather exciting look into the very broad area of Atari's work in the educational field and some of the innovative and ground breaking services, idea's and products that were created.

The Video Games Section continues to receive more of its menu updates.   The Atari Arcade section has an all new menu, under Atari Consoles, both the Atari 2600 and the Atari Jaguar 64 sections have all new menu's as well.

Just a reminder to all visitors, the AHS/AEX Message boards:

Historical Speaking...

Are open and available if you'd like to discuss Atari Historical Events, or to ask questions and offer assistance to others, please stop by the message boards, sign-up (its free) and participate in the Atari Historical Community.

The Link is:    http://talk.atari-explorer.com