AtariMuseum - Site News:   November 8, 2004


Atari Museum site updates --

I apologize for the long delay in-between updates, hopefully over the next several weeks I will have several more updates added, there is a tremendous amount of scans and postings piling up at the scanner and more of more materials, submissions, donations and new acquisitions just keep pouring into the Atari Museum office.

One update well overdue was the complete revision of the Atari Adventure Centers page.    I was contacted by this divisions former head who had sold me some phenomenal materials that I have gotten posted tonight.   I owe a great deal of credit to my good friend Brian Wiklem over at EA for continually pushing me over the years to further my investigations and research in this Atari project.    I hope everyone enjoys the wonderful visuals that have been posted:

Buzz around the community has been about Atari's next new releases coming out for the holidays, one being Atari's Anthology with 85 games for your PC, Xbox and PS2.    The bigger and more surprising news in the community has centered around the Atari Flashback video game console.    This standalone game console with 20 built in games, 2 joysticks and Atari 7800 styling is just a first in a very exciting line of future Atari hardware products, and they will not be all in one game systems like the Flashback, this unit is just the start, more flexible, sophisticated and eyebrow raising products are under consideration and/or in the works at this time and 05' may prove to be Atari's big move back into its very roots once again...   Lets see how its majority owner Infogrames thinks of its little US upstart company next year :-)

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