Atari Museum   The Atari Museum -- December 21, 2002 Update

    Happy Holidays to one and all.     I would like to announce and welcome another member of the Atari Museum staff.  While she's a little young and doesn't have very much videogame experience just yet, I'm certain she'll do a great job!   Please welcome my new baby daughter :-)  

     The Atari Corporate Research Labs section of the site has been redone and thanks in part to numerous contributions by many of the former Atari Researchers, this section is now filled with some incredible knowledge that all can finally get to see, read and enjoy.   More to follow....

Atari Corporate Research Labs

    Another Atari 2200???     Its not one of Regan Chengs portable Atari designs, turns out this is actually the original model# for the what would later become the Atari 2600jr!

The Atari 2200 - 2600jr Prototype.

    It was thought that the Graduate - Atari Computer Add-on was the only product Atari had in the works, apparently not.    Have a look at another product that until recently was never known to exist:

The Atari 2600 Keyboard

    Lots more is in the works as always, some new commercials will be added shortly and a lot more internal memo's and other documents are coming soon as well.    Hopefully updates will be more frequent as well.