AtariMuseum - Site News:   May 28, 2009


Greeting fellow Atari enthusiasts...


Well, to say its been a very tough year is an understatement.    I want to thank everyone for all of the support, concern and encouragement.     For those who weren't aware, I've had a very scary time healthwise since May of last year.   I had to go through 3 seperate Open Heart surgeries to repair a severe and aggressive infection in my heart, having to have 2 valves replaced the first go round, 7 weeks later having to go back and have one reinfected new valve replaced again and the other new valve having to be repaired as well as having a hole between the left and right sides of my heart repaired.   5 months after that I had to go back for my 3rd surgery to repair a psuedo-aneursym on the root of my aorta and slight repair to my new valves.    Third go around took a lot out of me and its been just over 4 months recovering and I'm finally starting to get back into doing small amounts of work again.   So I thought I'd do a little work on the website to help lift my spirits a bit.

So I've posted up some really good historical sales data that I've pulled off of the old Atari mainframe restores.

2600 Sales

5200 Sales

7800 Sales

XE/8bit Sales