AtariMuseum - Site News:   October 13, 2009


Greeting fellow Atari enthusiasts...


After years of research, thanks to research teamwork of Marty Goldberg and myself - in 2 weeks a new page of information will be posted with a history of Atari's "Advanced Engineering Division" and how it all lead up to Atari developing its version of the Amiga Lorraine as an Atari console system.

During the trip through this historical look through Atari's advanced designs - never before seen notes, photo's, documents and emails on Atari systems such as the 1600XL Atari IBM PC system, Gaza, Sierra, GUMP, Eskimo/Dogsled and Explorer. Atari's work on its own BSD Unix OS with its own GUI - codenamed "Snowcap" and then we lead up to project "Mickey" - Atari's Amiga powered system.

Afterwards you'll be able to peruse through contracts and court documents and see what really transpired during the summer of 1984 which shatters the myths and mis-history of Jack Tramiels involvement with buying Amiga - but shows how in the end he sued the heck out of Amiga and then Commodore...

So here is a juicy little treat to wet your appetite.