AtariMuseum - Site News:   November 12, 2013


Numerous 404 Page errors have been corrected in the Video Games Section of the Website.

Most of the 404 Page errors have been corrected in the Home Computer section and more work is progressing this week to correct any errors.

Once all of the Page errors are corrected the website is going through a full overhaul to sync it up with all of the newly released information in the Atari Inc Business is Fun book.

Also a great deal of reference and source materials will be added to the website that were used for the book so those interested in further researching and reading about all of the newly discovered history and corrections to past myth and rumors that were either debunked or further corraborated will be made available for all to access...

Again, big thank goes out to Laurent Delsarte, for giving me a "kick in the ass." on getting the website back up to speed...