AtariMuseum - Site News:   November 2, 2016


So, why the long time between updates?    Well actually many area's of the Atari Museum have been updated, links fixed, content added.   I just haven't been putting updated into the What's New listing here and I do apologize about that.  I'll try to make sure I do that each time, things like the Megafiles have been updated.   The STBook page updated, Cosmos page, the Ataritel section had a major update which still needs to be completed including a whole new menu page...


So there has been a lot done, I just haven't been letting everyone know here on the What's New section.   Those on Facebook in the Atari Museum page have know about the numerous updates because I would post there, but I will make sure from now one to update the What's New page as well.


So what's new today - Posted the original Atari POKEY chip schematics up, hoping to see further development continue on HOKEY and I have been working with my friend Joe Decuir (of Atari 2600, 800 and Amiga fame) with a project we both want to see happen so as part of that, I am publicly posting the POKEY schematics for all to use and enjoy.